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4 Ingredients vegan smoothie. In a blender add the frozen strawberries. Ever since my family and I began following a vegan diet, I've been searching for a In the package we received from Sunwarrior, there were four packets of protein powder mix: Classic Protein Vanilla, Classic Protein Chocolate, Warrior. Smoothies are an excellent option for all kinds of active lifestyles, including vegans.

Need something detoxifying to help you slim down? A vegan smoothie is an ideal option for a nutritious meal or snack in a plant-based diet. Learn what ingredients to add to make it ice cream-like naturally. You can have 4 Ingredients vegan smoothie using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of 4 Ingredients vegan smoothie

  1. You need of Silk Vanilla dairy-free creamer.
  2. You need of Oatly barista edition oat milk.
  3. It’s of Ground flax seed.
  4. Prepare of to a cup of Frozen strawberries.

A vegan smoothie is a great nutritious meal that takes minimum time to prepare. Perhaps the only cons it has is that you still may feel hungry after. The last time I did one of these videos with FIVE ingredient recipes and I thought I'd kick it up a notch and do a video with simply FOUR ingredient recipes. You need of Silk Vanilla dairy-free creamer.

4 Ingredients vegan smoothie step by step

  1. In a blender add the frozen strawberries. Depending on how much you want or how many people you are making it for you can use 1/2 or 1 cup of frozen berries. Add both the oat milk and creamer to the top of the strawberries to cover them. Add on tbsp of flax seed. Blend! I like a smooth not super thick shake so if it's too thick just adjust the milk. Top with the fruit..
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It's of Oatly barista edition oat milk. Does anyone have any recipes for nice tasting relatively affordable vegan smoothie recipes that I could make every day? At the moment I make one … This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but I want to make a teaching moment here and take a quick look of their ingredients shows this to be true. Your body needs good clean fuel to power your day. Every single ingredient in this recipe is gut-loving.

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